Veggie Pot Pie Soup

Ok, let’s be honest for a second here. Social media is giving me a full-fledged anxiety attack. Not all social media. Really, it’s just Facebook. Instagram is full of beautiful pictures of food and beaches, I deleted my Twitter over a year ago, and Snapchat…just kinda sits there because I’m tired of seeing selfies with

Easy Weeknight Taco Ring

I feel like all I talk about on the blog is how busy I am – probably because it’s so painfully TRUE. I feel like my life isn’t all that hectic, until I look back and realize that in the past week I’ve eaten out almost every. Single. Day. God bless my new job for

Pumpkin Mac and Cheese

Y’all, let’s be real. If there’s anything culinary that is COMPLETELY overdone, it would be pumpkin. Or at least, pumpkin spice. It was funny a few years ago when people started getting obsessed with pumpkin spice lattes, but now it’s just a joke that’s gone way too far. Pumpkin spice poptarts? Protein bars? MILK? When